Indoor pollution has been on the rise for many years. Statistics show that dwellings that are poorly ventilated make people ill. There is indoor pollution lurking in homes all across the country. The burden of disease and in some cases death from these irritants are preventable. The good news is that it is easily fixable in most cases. The best air purifier for allergies would fix the unnecessary illness that many people are facing.

Indoor air pollution has been linked to asthma symptoms, compromised lung function, infections and allergies. People with compromised lung function will benefit tremendously from air purifiers. The respiratory system works much better by removing the impurities from the air. The particles bind to the walls of the lung causing distress and unpleasant illnesses. The microscopic partials that are in the air will be captured by the air filter. This will leave your home with less indoor air pollution and better overall health.

Most think that vacuuming and dusting will prevent the problem of indoor pollution. While this is all helpful, it will not prevent the problem completely. The most effective way to handle indoor pollution is with an air purifier. Air purifiers will take in the pollution and through the use of filters release clean pure air back into your home. Vacuuming and dusting only pushes the impurities back into the air. You are not removing the problem, simply stirring it up. The pollution settles back onto the couches, floor, counters and the process starts all over again.

Air purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. They are readily available through many different stores both online and traditional. The important thing in choosing one is that it is a quality unit that will last many years. The various different filters as well as technology that each uses has it’s disadvantages and advantages. The choice that you will make will Depend on the size of your home and what the needs are of the individual. Filter technologies is something to consider when looking at air purifiers.

airpurifierThere are various types of Air filters to purchase. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. Through different technology they clean the air and remove the impurities in the air. Choosing the right Air purifying technology is important. The specific needs of the individual must be taken into consideration.

Hepa Air purifiers or High Efficiency Parical Air has been around for years. These types of Air Purifiers do not have any output of ozone or other harmful chemicals. Typically they trap 99.97% of the particles in the air. The filter on a Hepa Air Purifier needs to be changed every 2-4 years depending on the situation. The particles get caught into the fiber like filter that comes with it. This filter will capture the impurities then push the filtered air back through. HEPA filters are very good at capturing particles so a solid choice for an air purifier. The downside is that they typically do not effectively deal with odors as well as some other systems.